Stoney Mike's Cart Works

Welcome to StoneyMike's Cart Works, Purveyors of fine carriages for your firearms.

I have been building these carts for my friends for the past year now and have decided
to make this a small side business, in order to provide high quality, lower cost carts, to my friends.

Cart Information

The standard cart holds 4 guns and is made of 3/4 red oak with 16 inch rear wheels. 

Red oak is standard but other woods are possible. Additional cost depends on the current
cost of the wood chosen.

  Cart is lightweight and easily carried by one person, and will fit into most car trunks.

 Cart folds in half, with a large removable ammo/storage box in the front and a lockable
storage tray on top.

 The upper barrel holders are padded with leather to protect your guns.

The lower tray can be configured as needed to comply with whatever guns are used (SxS or 97)

 All brass hardware, with convenient side mounted hooks for hanging shell bags and the like.

 Screws are exposed on the standard cart but can be drilled and doweled for an additional cost

The lid for the upper tray can be customized with your alias, also at an additional cost.

 The cart comes finished with three coats of Satin urethane, but other options are available.


Click on picture for larger view

If any shooter has any other special needs I would be happy to help in any way,
I know we can come up with something that would suit your needs

 The cost of the standard cart is $350

 If you have any questions please feel free to ask me anything.

Also the little girl in the picture is mine and she's not for sale,
she just felt that any pictures being taken should include her. I agreed.

AKA Michael Kobelt