Wild Bunch Rules


Wild Bunch Action Shooting is based on SASS Cowboy Action Shooting with a few major differences.
The first difference is the two single action revolvers are exchanged for a 1911 style pistol and 4 to 6
 magazines. The second difference is the ammunition. In Wild Bunch Action Shooting ammunition
must be of 40 caliber or larger (pistol caliber only) and must have a power factor of 150 from the pistol
and the rifle. The shotgun must be a '97 pump and it can be a military style. The last difference is
the targets. Since a higher power factor is used targets MUST be of a better quality steel and
reactive targets can be used without fear of them not working.

Click the link below to download the most current version of the SASS Wild Bunch Handbook. The Handbook is in PDF format

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